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Russia unveils hi-tech 'Star Wars' armour for soldiers

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Russia unveils hi-tech 'Star Wars' armour for soldiers

Post Neon Knight on Sat 12 Aug - 22:49

It might resemble something out of Star Wars, but this is the prototype for a combat suit that Russia hopes will give its soldiers the edge on the battlefields of the future.

The high-tech item includes an exo-skeleton, or outer layer, designed to boost strength and stamina and a layer of body armour to shield the wearer from bullets. The all-black kit also has a Stormtrooper-style helmet with a tinted glass visor and a mini task light poking out of the side.

It was put on display on Thursday at the National University of Science and Technology in Moscow. A model standing more than six-feet tall wore the suit while cradling a fearsome-looking firearm in a pair of black padded gloves.

The suit was created at the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building, a Moscow-based weapons development centre, RT reported . . .

Andy Lynch, of Odin Systems, a military equipment company, told MailOnline: 'Features of the suit include a task light on the helmet for examining things like weapons and maps. It also has a pop-up display that can be used for tasks like examining a plan of the battlefield.'


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Re: Russia unveils hi-tech 'Star Wars' armour for soldiers

Post Jehan I on Sun 13 Aug - 11:33

Looks great, but what is the cost?
It might be more efficient to give a better equipment to a thousand soldiers than having one robocop soldier like this.
Jehan I
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Re: Russia unveils hi-tech 'Star Wars' armour for soldiers

Post Impasible on Sun 13 Aug - 20:02

Drones, armed artifacts with artificial intelligence/remote control, satellites.... these will be the warriors of future wars.

Or maybe I've seen too many movies. Suspect
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Re: Russia unveils hi-tech 'Star Wars' armour for soldiers

Post Aëlwenn on Mon 14 Aug - 0:49

Few years ago, Russia looked very interested by FELIN system and now they have their own...Dunno why, but this smell a lot like marketing shit...
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Re: Russia unveils hi-tech 'Star Wars' armour for soldiers

Post de Burgh on Sat 19 Aug - 16:02

Its not a bad concept, but I feel like this concept of a exoskeleton, power armor suit is still in its infancy. Taking in account the amount of money and man power it would take just to make a functional prototype. Making a functional HUD/Head-Up Display (basically an internet-derived, interactive GUI function through the visor of the helmet) visor, integrated computer processor in the power suit, sophisticated diagnostic software for battle, mining a good enough metallic alloy/metal derivative to maintain the stresses of advanced combat, etc. As well as applying this principle in meeting power armor quotas in factories would cost a lot of money. The concept of futuristic ideas are tempting to think about, but it will be a while before such a thing becomes a reality.

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Re: Russia unveils hi-tech 'Star Wars' armour for soldiers

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