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DNA Land is Garbage

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DNA Land is Garbage

Post OsricPearl on Wed 9 Aug - 14:40

As the title suggests.
From their Help section:

Why are the results of my Ancestry Report different from those I’ve found on other services?
Think of your genome as a beam of light. The reference panel of each service’s algorithm acts as a prism that decomposes this beam of light to its potential components. Since each prism has different physical properties, the rainbows they produce will all be at least a little bit different. As each reference panel has its own strengths and caveats, it is best to observe your genomes through as many prisms as you can. Only in this way can you better illuminate your past.

My composition report included:
1.3 Kalash WTF
more East African (2.7) than West African! (1.4) (also more than all other tests have seen combined)
Finnish 4.5! No offence to Finns, but there is no history of any Finnish in my ancestry, and they are unique enough so that it would show if it were there. Again, no other testing service saw this. 4.5 is a lot.
9.6 North African. This is more than my mom who is part Canary Islander. My ancestry is 1/2 North Spanish. My father only got 4% on Ancestry. So this score doesn't make any sense.
No native american, at all. Granted, 23andMe only picked up .5% (i got it from my mother, who was tested at 2% in Ancestry) and it isn't a big thing for me, but they are unique enough from the other groups so that it should have shown up.

Other stupidities:
The Traits report had me as likely shorter than average. Fail. I'm 5'6 and that's taller than the average female, even if it isn't gigantic.

I suggest that people stay away from this free service.
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Re: DNA Land is Garbage

Post Neon Knight on Thu 10 Aug - 21:39

It gives me 11% North Slavic which is pretty much impossible.

You'll find some people on other forums giving elaborate explanations as to why unlikely ancestry shows up. This is daft because the simple explanation, like you say, is that some tests are just not so good. Whether because they are not using large population samples to compare with or for some other reason, I don't know.


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Re: DNA Land is Garbage

Post Iseult on Fri 11 Aug - 20:22

never bothered to use dnaland. 23andme seems good enough. if u want more precise results, theres always gedmatch


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Re: DNA Land is Garbage

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