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Should American conservatives reject libertarianism?

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Should American conservatives reject libertarianism? Empty Should American conservatives reject libertarianism?

Post Neon Knight on Sat 20 Jul - 1:56 Quoting:

. . . When I was growing up, what the American Dream meant to me was that I had a decent enough job to support my family, and I could be a good husband and a good father. That’s what I most wanted out of my life. It wasn’t the American Dream of ‘the striver’. It wasn’t the American Dream, frankly, that I think animates much of Washington DC. I didn’t care if I went to Ivy League law school, I didn’t care if I got a best-selling book, I didn’t care if I had a lot of money. What I wanted was to be able to give my family and my children the things I hadn’t had as a kid.

That was the sense in which the American Dream mattered most to me. Now, that American Dream is undoubtedly in decline, what should a conservative politics do in response? I think a first and preliminary step is that we have to distinguish between conservative politics and libertarian politics.

. . . I believe that conservatives have outsourced our economic and domestic policy thinking to libertarians . . . What I’m going after is this view that so long as public outcomes and social goods are produced by free individual choices, we shouldn’t be too concerned about what those goods ultimately produce . . . What I’m arguing is that conservatives should be concerned about it. We should be concerned that our economy is geared more towards the development of applications than curing terrible diseases, and we should care about a whole host of public goods, in addition to that, and actually be willing to use politics and political power to accomplish some of those public goods . . .

There are a lot of ways to measure a healthy society, but the way that I measure a healthy society, or I think the most important way to measure healthy society, is whether a nation – whether the American nation – is having enough children to replace itself.

Do people look to the future and see a place that’s worth having children? Do they have good enough jobs so that they can make the necessary sacrifices so that one of the parents can be home with that kid most of the time? Do they have economic prospects and the expectation that they’re going to be able to put a roof over their kid’s head, put food on the table and provide that child with a good education?

By every statistic that we have, what we see is that people are answering ‘No’ to all of those questions. For the first extended period in the history of the American nation, our people aren’t having enough children to replace themselves. That should bother us. Now I know some libertarians will say ‘Well, that choice comes from free individuals. If people are choosing not to have children, if they’re choosing to spend their money on vacations or nicer cars or nicer apartments, then we should be okay with that.’ . . .

Libertarians aren’t heartless, and I don’t mean to suggest that they are. I think they also recognise many of the same problems that we recognise. But they are so uncomfortable with political power, or so skeptical of whether political power can accomplish anything, that they don’t want to actually use it to solve or even to try to help address some of these problems.

If people are spending too much time addicted to devices that are designed to addict them, we can’t just blame consumer choice. We have to blame ourselves for not doing something to stop it. If people are killing themselves because they’re being bullied in online chatrooms, we can’t just say parents need to exercise more responsibility. You have to accept that parents live and swim in the same cultural pond as the rest of us . . . We live in an environment and in a culture that is shaped by our laws and public policy, and we can’t hide from that fact anymore.

The question conservatives confront at this key moment is this: Whom do we serve? Do we serve pure, unfettered commercial freedom? Do we serve commerce at the expense of the public good? Or do we serve something higher? And are we willing to use political power to actually accomplish these things?

I serve my child, and it has become abundantly clear that I cannot serve two masters. I cannot defend commerce when it is used to addict his toddler brain to screens, and it will be used to addict his adolescent brain to pornography. I cannot defend the rights of drug companies to sell poison to his neighbours without any consequence, because those people chose to take those drugs.

It is time, as Ronald Reagan once said, for choosing, and I choose my son. I choose the civic constitution necessary to support and sustain a good life for him, and I choose a healthy American nation so necessary to defend and support that civic constitution.

J.D. Vance

Should American conservatives reject libertarianism? Englan11

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Should American conservatives reject libertarianism? Empty Re: Should American conservatives reject libertarianism?

Post OsricPearl on Sun 21 Jul - 5:47

The "American Dream" only worked as long as the government had a measure of protection in place, protecting the native population from the problems we are having now: hyper immigration and outsourcing. This is the only way that some libertarian values can exist.

In a way, it is like socialism. Socialism can work as long as you have a small, homogeneous population, high conscientiousness, and limited immigration.

But we can't have nice things, so it doesn't matter. Shrug

Should American conservatives reject libertarianism? VMPmie1
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Should American conservatives reject libertarianism? Empty Re: Should American conservatives reject libertarianism?

Post Sary on Sun 21 Jul - 11:39

I think that it would be a foolish mistake for American conservatives to reject the values of right-wing libertarians. In the United States liberals have control of mass media as well as what is being taught in our universities.
The so called cat is already out of the bag.

If republicans hope to win the presidency again in 2020, marginalizing potential voters is not the way to go.
God help us all if the Democratics take control and force all of their twisted, progressive garbage down our throat.  

At least now we have personal choices and freedoms that very few countries can compare. Our economy is good.
It is no wonder that people want to live here.

We have a lot of problems here in the USA. I would not place legal immigration at the top of that list.
We are a new world country made up of immigrants. It is a good thing, that we have always attracted the best and the brightest.
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Should American conservatives reject libertarianism? Empty Re: Should American conservatives reject libertarianism?

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