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At Historic Hearing, House Panel Explores Reparations

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At Historic Hearing, House Panel Explores Reparations Empty At Historic Hearing, House Panel Explores Reparations

Post OsricPearl on Thu 20 Jun - 19:50

WASHINGTON — Frail but sharp at 88, the Rev. Doris Sherman woke up at 4 a.m. on Wednesday to travel here from Philadelphia for an event that, even after the nation elected its first black president, she never thought she would see: a meeting in the capital of the United States on reparations for African-Americans.

Dressed all in white, the color of the suffragist movement — it was a coincidence, she said — Ms. Sherman, who is black, reflected on the unfulfilled Civil War-era promise to former slaves of “40 acres and a mule.” As a schoolteacher for 30 years before entering the ministry, she recalled so many black parents struggling to provide day care, their children “left back and left out.”

If the government did anything, she said, it should do something for the children. “We don’t want that mule now,” she said. “We don’t want that 40 acres. We are asking for remembrance. Remember the struggle. Remember the injustice and remember the now.”

Ms. Sherman was among hundreds of other mostly black spectators — so many that they filled three overflow rooms — who descended on Capitol Hill for Wednesday’s historic hearing, the first time Congress has considered a bill, H.R. 40, that would create a commission to develop proposals to address the lingering effects of slavery and consider a “national apology” for the harm it has caused.

I really don't know where the money for these reparations are going to come from. We don't even have good infrastructure anymore. Most people can't even afford to save for a down payment for a good house! And what about national services for the poor, which include Medicare, Medicaid, WIC, and Food Stamps (SNAPS now) which disproportionately benefit blacks?

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At Historic Hearing, House Panel Explores Reparations Empty Re: At Historic Hearing, House Panel Explores Reparations

Post Neon Knight on Thu 20 Jun - 22:17

We can't change the past, and the present generation isn't responsible for previous ones. Many poorer white people got bad deals in the past as well.

At Historic Hearing, House Panel Explores Reparations Englan11

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