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WWII bomb in London

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WWII bomb in London Empty WWII bomb in London

Post Neon Knight on Sun 2 Jun - 20:18 Quoting:

Army experts were called in after [a] 550lb German bomb was discovered on a building site in Kingston, south-west London, on Thursday. Around 1,500 residents were evacuated and a cordon was put in place as the bomb disposal team set to work. In many cases such bombs are taken away and disposed of in a remote location. So the decision to detonate this one where it was after packing tons of sand around it left locals assuming they would hear a muted bang. What they actually got on Friday afternoon was a deafening boom that could be heard eight miles away.

One resident tweeted hearing a ‘massive explosion like thunder’. Others said they felt the walls of their homes shake. Families described ‘apocalyptic’ scenes upon returning home . . .

WWII bomb in London 13995410

At the site itself, the Army team posed for a picture at the crater left by the blast. The bomb is thought to have been a SC250, or Sprengbombe Cylindrisch 250, which was used widely by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz. It dropped 24,000 tons of high explosive on London in 85 major raids.

Police said damage had been limited to a 50-yard radius of the detonation. Chief Superintendent Sally Benatar said: ‘The matter of detonating this device was taken with the utmost seriousness and I’d like to thank the Army and the other emergency services for their assistance and support.’

WWII bomb in London 13995448-7073489-image-a-5_1558914986767


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WWII bomb in London Empty Re: WWII bomb in London

Post OsricPearl on Wed 5 Jun - 17:37

oh wow, that is scary. It's good to know that no one got hurt. It is common for former war zones to have old bombs and other devises lying about. At least it's not like in Cambodia or Vietnam, where people are still getting their limbs blown off by landmines.

WWII bomb in London VMPmie1
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WWII bomb in London Empty Re: WWII bomb in London

Post Sary on Wed 26 Jun - 0:16

I am not surprised that the bomb exploded greater than expected.
The Germans build quality things to last.

I have an old German Christmas decoration that I bought years ago at a tag sale. The german man that I bought it from said it is from the 1940s. The 10 light bulbs are weird looking, original.
Every year I plug it in and it lights up.
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WWII bomb in London Empty Re: WWII bomb in London

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