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Genes for staying slim do exist

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Genes for staying slim do exist Empty Genes for staying slim do exist

Post Neon Knight on Sat 26 Jan - 2:45 Quoting:

* Cambridge scientists analysed DNA of 14,000 participants of varying weights
* Genetic differences suggest slim people are not just 'morally superior'
* Future studies could pinpoint these genes in order to help overweight people

. . . Scientists led by the University of Cambridge have identified a series of genes which may speed up someone’s metabolism or help them burn fat more quickly. These genes were found in more than 1,600 thin but healthy people, including women around a size eight and men with a 35ins waist. In almost two-thirds of these people, it is believed these genes make them less interested in food. However the results also confirm what less slender people have long suspected. In 40% of the study group, thin people said they loved food and ate whatever they wanted without putting on weight.

Researchers now believe these people have particular genes of their own and are planning a separate study to see what happens in their bodies when they overeat. It could lead to new drugs which mimic the effects of these ‘thinness’ genes and are used to help less lucky people keep the weight off.

. . . The scientists took saliva samples to sequence the genes of the 1,622 thin volunteers, then compared them to more than 10,000 average-weight people and almost 2,000 who were severely obese. They found four new genetic regions linked to thinness and confirmed that another two already found in Asian people are also important in Britain.

The study, published in the journal PLOS Genetics, concludes that 18 per cent of thinness is written in our DNA. It explains why people with two parents who are naturally thin may have the same body type. The authors confirmed that DNA is important by giving thin and obese people from the UK Biobank genetic database ‘risk scores’ based on their genes. They found these scores generally correctly predicted someone’s body size.

Professor Tom Sanders, emeritus professor of nutrition and Dietetics at King’s College London, said: ‘This is an important and well-conducted study confirming that the precocious severe obesity is often genetically determined and showing convincingly that those who very thin are genetically different from the general population. However, most obesity is acquired in adult life and is linked to the obesogenic environment we live in - a sedentary lifestyle and abundant access to calorie-dense foods.’


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Genes for staying slim do exist Empty Re: Genes for staying slim do exist

Post OsricPearl on Wed 30 Jan - 4:14

Pft. You don't have to tell me.

My 23 and me said I have genes that make me plump. I don't use it as an excuse, but it's getting harder to maintain my figure without being extremely strict with my diet and exercise routines.
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