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Global Cooling Upon us?

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Global Cooling Upon us?

Post OsricPearl on Fri 23 Nov - 23:15

Is it time for a new panic?
Professor Valentina Zharkova gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018. The information she unveiled should shake/wake you up.

Zharkova was one of the few that correctly predicted solar cycle 24 would be weaker than cycle 23 — only 2 out of 150 models predicted this.

Her models have run at a 93% accuracy and her findings suggest a Super Grand Solar Minimum is on the cards beginning 2020 and running for 350-400 years.

The last time we had a little ice age only two magnetic fields of the sun went out of phase.

This time, all four magnetic fields are going out of phase.

Personally, I'm a little skeptical of any fear mongering, but I think we are about due for a mini-ice age. Thoughts?

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Re: Global Cooling Upon us?

Post Neon Knight on Sat 24 Nov - 0:47

There are always some rebel scientists going against the majority, and sometimes they turn out to be right. Imagine our lives depended on making the right choice; we're not in a position to do our own research so I suppose we should either accept the consensus or stay agnostic for as long as possible Shrug


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Re: Global Cooling Upon us?

Post OsricPearl on Sat 24 Nov - 2:51

The thing is that global warming is more beneficial for mankind than cooling. Global warming means more rain and longer growing seasons. Humans usually thrive during warm seasons, and we don't do well during cooling seasons. I don't know why scientists were panicked about a warming time.
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Re: Global Cooling Upon us?

Post Sary on Sat 24 Nov - 13:02

There is another thread about this where I shared my thoughts on the subject.
It is a very touchy subject for a lot of people.

The biggest thing about climate change that rubs me the wrong way is that it is not even a scientific debate anyone.  The topic has become all about politics ,the scientists that disagree with the agenda are shooshed.

To me, the theory of global warming/climate change is way for the government to control people's lives.  It is not right that third world countries are being told by rich countries how to manage their natural resources.
Nuclear power is very expensive and if you ask me, much more of a threat to the environment than carbon emission.

Here in New England we already have snow on the ground and bitter cold.
I believe it was the coldest thanksgiving on record.
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Re: Global Cooling Upon us?

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