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The Castle Rules & Guidelines

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The Castle Rules & Guidelines

Post Neon Knight on Fri 12 May - 23:27

These rules are in addition to the forum company's terms of service and subordinate to them. A rule may be added, deleted or altered by the administrator (the Castellan) at any time.

01. Language Use
English should be used in all sections but other languages can be used for news stories if the posted text is reproduced in an English translation (an internet translation service will suffice). Articles to which links are provided need not be fully translated - only the part or parts which are copied into the post. Any language may be used in the chat box (Tavern Talk).

02. Giving a False Gender and/or Nationality
If good reason arises to believe that a member has registered with the wrong gender and/or nationality, the information will be changed to what is believed to be correct. A repeat of this deception will result in a permanent ban.

03. Spelling of User Name
It is preferred (but not essential) that a capital letter be used at the start of each separate word in the name.

04. Changes of User Name
A maximum of two user name changes are allowed during the first twelve months of membership. A change can be made by request to the Castellan.

05. Avatar Gender
If gender is relevant to a member's avatar then it must be the same as that of the member him or herself.

06. Unauthorised Extra Accounts
Extra member accounts which have not been authorised by the Castellan (so called sock puppets) will be deleted.

07. General Conduct
Members should try to be respectful to each other in their communications, whether in posts on threads, the chat box, or private messages. When arguments do happen, any insults must not go beyond reasonable bounds. The Castellan is the ultimate authority on what does and does not count as reasonable.

08. Anti-Social Threads & Polls
Critical or insulting threads directed at individual members are not allowed. Also forbidden are polls which are likely to demean one or more members.

09. Crass and/or Distasteful Topics
Any thread which threatens to bring the forum into disrepute will be deleted. A member who repeatedly starts such threads will be warned or banned.

10. Non-European/Eurosphere Topics
Although it is acceptable for a discussion which begins on a European subject to include non-European elements or to wander onto a related non-European topic, any thread which undermines the European identity of the forum - by itself or in conjunction with other threads - will be deleted. This rule does not concern threads in the News from Elsewhere section.

11. Pointless Posting
While branching onto related topics, side-tracking and humour are all normal aspects of conversation, blatant irrelevance is not acceptable and any member who repeatedly posts in such a manner will be banned.

12. Unacceptable Images
Members must not post photos or videos (including avatars and signatures) which show or depict extreme gore or hardcore pornography. Posting personal photographs of another member may only be done with his or her permission.

13. Classification
Asking for the sub-racial classification of people according to outdated anthropological theories is not allowed. The reason for this is that such 'classification' is clearly unscientific and encourages ignorant thinking about race. However, critical discussion about historical ideas in any academic field is perfectly acceptable.

14. Administrators, Moderators & Confidentiality
Any administrator or moderator with access to members' personal details must not disclose information on a member or use it for any purpose not directly related to the Castle Rules without the permission of that member.

15. Bans for Breaking the Rules
A member known to have significantly and/or repeatedly broken a rule will be either warned or banned from the forum and/or the chat box. There are four degrees of ban: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and permanent for repeated mild offences, moderate offences, serious offences and very serious offences respectively. The imposition and length of a ban is entirely at the discretion of the Castellan and any moderator with the authority to impose a ban.

16. Deletion of Member Accounts
A member who wishes to have his or her account deleted must request the procedure by private message to the Castellan. He or she will be given 28 days to reconsider. If, after this time, the member still wants the account deleted then he or she must make a second request within 5 days which will be granted.


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