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Survey of Britons' Paranormal Beliefs (2017)

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Survey of Britons' Paranormal Beliefs (2017)

Post Neon Knight on Fri 2 Feb - 8:50

Half of the British public believe in karma (51%), life on other planets (49%) and fate/ destiny (47%). . . approximately a third of people in the UK also said they believed in ghosts (36%) and life after death (24%). However, only 16% of people said they believed in astrology (horoscopes).

Women were found to be more likely to believe in astrology, karma, ghosts/spirits, fate/destiny and life after death, while more men believed in life on other planets. Although, overall, people were the least certain about life on another planet and life after death.

Those that voted UKIP in the 2015 General Election are more likely that voters of any other party to believe in ghosts/spirits (43%).


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Re: Survey of Britons' Paranormal Beliefs (2017)

Post Neon Knight on Thu 8 Feb - 21:28

I found a bit more about UKIP voters being more likely to beleive in ghosts: Quoting:

Ukip supporters are overwhelmingly more likely to believe in ghosts and other paranormal phenomena than their Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat counterparts, according to recent polling by YouGov.

The poll, commissioned by the Sun newspaper for Halloween, found that 41% of Ukip voters believed in the existence of ghosts, compared to 34%, 31% and 26% of Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative voters, respectively. A 2009 poll commissioned by Gallup placed the national average of belief in ghosts amongst UK citizens at 39%.

Nearly half of all Ukip voters surveyed in the poll believed that “a house could be haunted by a supernatural being”, and at 20%, they were twice as likely as Conservative respondents to have “felt the presence” of a supernatural being or spirit. Overall, Conservative voters were the least-likely to believe in ghosts, vampires, or other supernatural beings, or claim to have felt a spirit or communicated with the dead. However Lib Dem supporters were found to be the least likely to believe in an afterlife, at 29%, compared to the Conservatives’ 33, Labour’s 36 and Ukip’s 38. Although only 10% of Labour voters claimed to have felt the presence of supernatural beings, a surprising 7% either “probably” or “definitely” believed in the existence of vampires.

Robert Chalmers, the author of Newsweek cover stories on both the supernatural, and Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip, said that his experience of both groups is that they are “a much wider and more varied congregation than is often imagined”, and that the findings shouldn’t necessarily be attributed to the “gullibility” of Ukip voters.

Chalmers, who undertook a lengthy interview with Farage last month, instead put the higher instance of supernatural belief down to greater honesty, and fewer concerns for the opinions of others. “My personal guess would be that maybe Ukip supporters are less guarded in what they say to strangers - a bit like their leader,” he said.


Between the velvet lies, there's a truth that's hard as steel
The vision never dies, life's a never ending wheel
- R.J.Dio
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Re: Survey of Britons' Paranormal Beliefs (2017)

Post Sary on Fri 9 Feb - 11:31

It makes sense that there is a correlation between ones beliefs in the paranormal and political affiliation.
Both depend on the way that you perceive the world,personality traits,the mental boundaries of the mind.
Boundaries of the mind refers to a personality trait concerning the degree of separateness ("thickness") or connection ("thinness") between mental functions and processes.[citation needed] Thin boundaries are associated with open-mindedness, sensitivity, vulnerability, creativity, and artistic ability. People with thin boundaries may tend to confuse fantasy and reality and tend to have a fluid sense of identity, so that they tend to merge or lose themselves in their relations with others. People with thick boundaries differentiate clearly between reality and fantasy and between self and other, and tend to prefer well-defined social structures.[1] The concept was developed by psychoanalyst Ernest Hartmann from his observations of the personality characteristics of frequent nightmare sufferers.[2]

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Re: Survey of Britons' Paranormal Beliefs (2017)

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