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The Roman Ghosts of Treasurer's House

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The Roman Ghosts of Treasurer's House

Post Neon Knight on Wed 10 Jan - 7:27

In 1953, a young plumber's apprentice was working in the Treasurer's House, York, England, when he had the scare of a lifetime. As he worked in the cellar, almost two dozen Roman Soldiers appeared from one wall, crossed the cellar and disappeared into the opposite wall.

Treasurer's House
Up until 1547, the 'Treasurer's House' was the home for the Treasurer's of York Minster, an incredibly important job, essentially looking after the finances of the Churches in the area . . .

. . . in 1893, into came the hands of Frank Green, who restored the house (it was slowly becoming dilapidated) into what was believed the original condition. Green used the house as a display for his collection of antiques and other valuables, and turned each room into a host for his collections of different eras, and different periods in history. In 1930 Green handed the Treasurer's House and its contents to the National Trust, who continue to hold it to this day.

In 1953 the Treasurer's House was up for a bit of a re-haul, the old heating system was getting a bit long in the tooth, so a new one was being installed. Eight or nine engineers, technicians and labourers were in the house, working on setting in the new system, but it was up to young, 18 year old plumbing apprentice Harry Martindale, to go into the cellar and cut a hole for a pipe to pass through.

Harry entered the dark and rather gloomy cellar, and found a nice level excavated trench in which to set the feet of his ladder, to provide a solid platform from which to work. He placed his light on the ground, and climbed the ladder in order to reach the ceiling above, and started on his work.

After a short while he heard an odd sound pass through the cellar. Harry at first took this to be music being played by the workers upstairs, but as the music grew louder he began to have his doubts. Soon he could tell it was not music, but rather just one or two notes being played over and over again, and as they grew louder he could pinpoint the source as the wall he was propped up against. The sound became deafening, but that was the least of his worries. As Harry looked down to his side, in order to better ascertain what was happening, he was startled to see a plumed helmet come into view. Getting a slightly better look, well as good as he could in his startled state, he made out a full Roman soldier dressed in military uniform pass by him and continue across the room.

What was most odd about the situation was that the soldier appeared to be walking on his knees, his legs disappearing into the floor of the cellar. However, as the soldier came to the excavated trench, his full legs came into view. The soldier was, in fact, walking at the level of the old Roman Road that had been excavated in the cellar of the house! Soon the Roman had passed through the opposite wall, but Harry could hear more sounds. A horse came into view next, and sitting atop it was another soldier, in full military uniform, but this time holding a round shield on his left arm. The horse made its way across the room and also disappeared into the opposite wall.

Next up came more soldiers on foot, walking in pairs. By this time Harry was absolutely terrified and did not count exactly how many there were, but he knows there were at least twenty, and probably a lot more. The first soldier on the left of this lot was the one playing the trumpet or horn – the sound Harry had originally heard. The soldiers were heard talking to each other in whispers, and their faces seemed to be sad or tired. The uniforms, from what he could tell, seemed to be covered in mud. All were armed either with spears or swords. They all looked as solid as any other person.

As you can imagine, Harry was in fear of his life. Here were a large number of armed soldiers, walking close by him, but he had nothing to fear. The soldiers did not take notice of Harry, they went on by as if he didn't exist to them.

Once all the soldiers had passed through the opposite wall, and Harry was certain he could hear no more approach, he made a run for it out of the cellar. When he was finally clear of the stairs leading out of the cellar he came to a stop to catch his breath. Those who saw him say he was completely white and was shaking. The elderly gentleman who was in charge of the house took one look at Harry and knew what had happened. He walked up to Harry and said 'You have seen the soldiers, haven't you?' The caretaker had seen the soldiers the previous year, but had not told anyone for fear of ridicule.

Harry left the house and did not return for at least 25 years.

Four years later another person, a new caretaker of the house, had witnessed the soldiers on the first instance, in exactly the same manor as Harry had – all walking in pairs except for one astride his horse. However, on another occasion, she saw them all a top horses, and a feeling came across her that said the horses were taking the soldiers home one last time. That was the last time the soldiers were ever seen.

Initially the description made no sense. The uniforms as Harry described them seemed completely wrong. The shields were wrong, the skirts/tunics were wrong and even the side the swords were carried on was wrong . . .

However, in the 1990's and into the 2000's, archaeological diggings of old Roman forts in the area and along Hadrians Wall (at one time the most heavily fortified border in the Roman Empire that cut across the northern point of Roman Britain) have uncovered many physical remains of the Romans time in the area. Amongst them, parts of uniforms belonging to Roman auxiliary soldiers, that exactly match the descriptions given by Harry Martindale, nearly half a century earlier, down to the colour of the leathers and the size and shape of the shields.

Harry could not have had this knowledge as no one had this knowledge. Harry Martindale was no longer known as a fraud or a liar.


Between the velvet lies, there's a truth that's hard as steel
The vision never dies, life's a never ending wheel
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Re: The Roman Ghosts of Treasurer's House

Post Neon Knight on Mon 15 Jan - 8:51

What do you think the explanation is for this incident?


Between the velvet lies, there's a truth that's hard as steel
The vision never dies, life's a never ending wheel
- R.J.Dio
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