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What do you believe about global warming?

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What do you believe about global warming?

Post Neon Knight on Fri 7 Jul - 18:54

The two key questions:

1. Is our burning of fossil fuels mostly to blame for global warming?

2. If so, is it too late to stop the worst effects in future? Will changing to clean energy make much difference?


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Re: What do you believe about global warming?

Post Aëlwenn on Fri 7 Jul - 19:34

We are are guilty. And we need to change for green energy and hydrogen cars.
I personally use Hyundai Ionic electric. It’s not a problem here, we have a lot electric charger in France. I don’t know for other countries, but I think peoples around the world could change the transportation model. More electrics or hydrogen cars, more cycles in cities or public transportation. Co-driving, less use plastic, etc etc.

People who denied climatic change afraid me. We can see effects anywhere, look how hot thoses last days, in Netherlands, London, Berlin or Paris.
The south of England becoming an important wine product lands...
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Re: What do you believe about global warming?

Post Jehan I on Fri 7 Jul - 22:03

I don't think it's too late, but yeah our reaction to global warming is late. I beleive that with the evolution of technology we would be able to live in a respectuous way prior to nature.
But we must start to change now.

I'am not a green extremist who will shit in dry toilet (keep it as far as it cann be from me). But I totally support policy to change our way of living.
Jehan I
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Re: What do you believe about global warming?

Post Impasible on Fri 7 Jul - 22:05

Well, most scientifics say that global warming is real and human acitvities are the cause, and besides I can feel it convincingly in my personal circunstances, in the mediterranean coast where I live the summers are longer and warmer every year, more and more unbareable every year.

But climate doesn't need human activities to change, in the XVII century there was a mini ice age which lasted almost a century I think, it boosted the fur trade and because of that the colonization of Siberia by the russians, a curious aftermath.

And probably a new big ice age is awaiting humanity in a near future with dramatic and devasting consecuences.

We're very fragile in front of the force of nature, it seems the elite and powerful people who runs global affairs are not conscious of the idilic nature conditions we're enjoyning nowadays... we, the general public Crying should try to do something about it, like rejecting the contaminating energies for example.
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Re: What do you believe about global warming?

Post Neon Knight on Fri 7 Jul - 22:33

The majority of experts say it is due to our burning stuff and I can only assume they know what are they are talking about.

But I think most people are not willing to reduce consumption and materialistic lifestyles enough to make a difference. Technology might save us from global warming but politics will not. :

Saving the planet from climate change is ‘beyond our ability’ and we should stop wasting time trying to tackle global warming, a leading scientist has claimed James Lovelock, who first detected CFCs in the atmosphere and proposed the Gaia hypotheses, claims society should retreat to ‘climate-controlled cities’ and give up on large expanses of land which will become uninhabitable.

Lovelock, who has just published his latest book A Rough Ride To The Future, claims we should be ‘strengthening our defences and making a sustainable retreat.’ “We’re reaching an age in history where you can no longer predict the future with any hope of success. We should give up vainglorious attempts to save the world."

In his new book Lovelock writes: “We may have wasted valuable time, energy and resources by trying to grapple with climate change on a global scale. It sounds good to try to save the planet, but in reality we are not thinking of saving Gaia, we are thinking of saving Earth for us, or for our nation. The idea of ‘saving the planet’ is a foolish extravagance of romantic Northern ideologues and probably much beyond our ability."

“In a changing climate cities are most less vulnerable to external heat than our individuals. If most of us lived in cities, as it seems we soon will do, the regulation of the climate of these cities might be far easier, more economic and safer option in a hot climate than the regulation by geoengineering of the whole planet.“


Between the velvet lies, there's a truth that's hard as steel
The vision never dies, life's a never ending wheel
- R.J.Dio
Neon Knight
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Re: What do you believe about global warming?

Post Smitty on Tue 11 Jul - 2:25

I don't accept the premise of warming in the first place. When did we begin measuring temperatures? 100 years ago? We have no clue what global changes are occurring and have been occurring for millennia. If it is warming, how can we know it's our doing and not a natural, cyclical shift? I suspect it's a Marxist hoax, but as with the "phenomenon" itself, I'll wait for proof.

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Re: What do you believe about global warming?

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